Peer Leader.

Advocating as a Peer Leader for the South Side Peace Rally!

CWAP’s Peer Leadership Program gives clients the opportunity to use their own skills and strengths to move towards leadership positions within the agency and use their own experiences to support, recruit, and educate their peers and communities.

LOTUS Peer Leadership Training

A 3 day training on how to become a peer advocate.

The training covers issues of confidentiality, disclosure, inclusion, and how to advocate for your sisters. Anyone graduating from this program can apply to be a paid Peer Ambassador!

Peer Action Program


Series of workshops on how to tell your story and connect it to a policy change or political demand.

We invite other activists to share their stories, and issues, with us so that we can find common ground and create lasting change.

Peer Action Success

  • We held two workshops on women and violence, opening up a dialogue about abuse and trauma in the black community.
  • Our advocates participated in a Black Lives Matter workshop on criminalization—creating connections between HIV positive young black men and our sisters.
  • Our team supported a peace rally in our south side neighborhood—when others stayed home.
  • More women want to get involved in political action than ever before.