PrEP Outreach

Tonce’ Jackson, Peer PrEP Outreach Worker

Did you know that there is a pill you can take once a day to prevent you from contracting HIV?

This pill is called PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)!

Contrary to popular belief, many individuals within local communities are unaware about the benefits of PrEP as a method for HIV prevention. In collaboration with the Howard Brown Health Center, CWAP provides peer PrEP outreach to high risk self-identified women to get them connected with using PrEP. CWAP goes out into the south and west side communities of Chicago to present the facts about PrEP, engage women in open and honest conversations, discuss sexual health and ways of securing a negative status, and navigate participants to their initial appointment for PrEP services at Howard Brown. To learn more about CWAP’s PrEP outreach services, please contact Tonce’ Jackson at (773) 955-8709.