sass logo whiteProject SASS, CWAP’s prevention for positives program, allows us to partner with clinics and agencies across the city and suburbs of Chicago providing treatment education to HIV+ cisgender and transgender women. This program focuses on strengthening coping skills, healthy relationships, and traditional STI/HIV transmission prevention skills. The 5 workshops focus on treatment as prevention and includes skill-building activities such as problem solving, health literacy, provider communication and personal advocacy.


3 Years of SASS: 2012-2014 Successes:Sisters Advocating for Strong Sisters.

  • 173 HIV+ women have participated in the program in 16 cycles across the city.
  • Every woman undetectable! Before SASS, 48% of women knew an undetectable viral load reduces the chance of transmission. After SASS, 75% of women knew this information.
  • Confidence in Female Condoms! Before SASS, only 72% of women said they were comfortable using the female condom (FC2). After SASS, 93% of women were comfortable using FC2.

To bring Project SASS to your agency or clinic that services HIV+ women, email for more information on partnering with us!

For clients interested in participating in future cycles of Project SASS, we encourage you to call the CWAP office at 773-262-5566 to sign up for services!

Project SASS.

Amazing group of SASS graduates!