CWAP’s new Mind, Body, Spirit Group program incorporates Therapeutic Groups for both men and women. Facilitated by our licensed therapist, this program aims to address mental health needs through education, skill-building, and treatment for all positive persons. The program consists of 3 tiers, which includes:

  1. Psycho-education: Mental Health 101- Living Well, Relationships 101- Relating Well, and Addictions- Starting Over Again
  1. Skill-building: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Self-care/ Adherence, Assertiveness Training, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Boundaries
  1. Psychotherapy treatment: Trauma Group, DBT, and Depression Psychotherapy Group

To bring these Mind, Body, Spirit Groups to your agency or clinic that services HIV+ men and women, email for more information on partnering with us!

For clients interested in participating in future Wellness Groups, we encourage you to call the CWAP office at 773-262-5566 to sign up for services!