Chicago Women's AIDS Project
Chicago Women's AIDS Project

Marlena Prater, MA, LCPC.

Meet the CWAP Therapist: Marlena Prater, MA, LCPC

Free individual counseling is available to any HIV+ man or woman by our trained and licensed Staff Therapist. Services are offered at CWAP North and South Side private offices and home visits as needed. No medical card or health insurance required.

The CWAP therapist empowers women to make positive changes through guidance, support, stress management, relationship negotiation and problem solving. Our therapist works closely with CWAP staff to provide comprehensive, well-rounded services to thoroughly support our clients.
Therapist: Marlena Prater, MA, LCPC
Available by appointment at the CWAP South Side Office: 2317 E. 71st, Chicago 60649
Call 773-262-5566 to schedule an appointment.

CWAP’s new Mind, Body, Spirit Group program incorporates Therapeutic Groups for both men and women. Facilitated by our licensed therapist, this program aims to address mental health needs through education, skill-building, and treatment for all positive persons. The program consists of 3 tiers, which includes:

  1. Psycho-education: Mental Health 101- Living Well, Relationships 101- Relating Well, and Addictions- Starting Over Again
  1. Skill-building: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Self-care/ Adherence, Assertiveness Training, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Boundaries
  1. Psychotherapy treatment: Trauma Group, DBT, and Depression Psychotherapy Group

To bring these Mind, Body, Spirit Groups to your agency or clinic that services HIV+ men and women, email for more information on partnering with us!

For clients interested in participating in future Wellness Groups, we encourage you to call the CWAP office at 773-262-5566 to sign up for services!